Aja Janay is Founder and Yoga Instructor of Heal + Glow, a lifestyle brand dedicated to cultivating self-care practices among WOC. Heal + Glow aims to encourage WOC to seek light during moments of darkness through yoga sessions and products (candles) to propel your self-care journey further.

Heal + Glow is actively looking to grow as a household name in the wellness industry by encouraging everyone to heal and glow in physical spaces and soon, digital spaces.

The self-proclaimed “Light Supplier” also works as a Honeybee at HoneyBee Sage and Wellness Apothecary, where she’s learning the healing properties of herbs, under Master Herbalist Angela Mallet.

The Milwaukee native has been a yoga practitioner and chandler for 5 years, getting her start during her undergraduate studies at Marquette University. She later received an in-depth study of yoga by taking a 200hr Yoga Certification training at Everyday Bliss in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Since deciding to step into her light, Aja has taught yoga in Bududa, Uganda; later studying Reiki Healing and manifested the Twerk Yoga series.

Aja’s favorite yoga pose is Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) where feels she channels her ancestors and the matriarchs of her family.

She likes to listen to soul and alternative r&b so expect to hear those tunes and get all the vibes during her yoga sessions; unless it’s “Twerk Yoga”.


Aja is currently a resident Yoga Instructor at Center Street Wellness where she intends to serve as a bridge for healers in Milwaukee’s up and coming Wellness Industry. She’s ready to heal from the inside out as one community.

Aja Janay

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