Scented for pennies a spritz. Want the ultimate bougie treat on a budget? Treat yo' self to scented linens! Imagine lavender-scented sheets to help you settle in and drift off to dreamland. Just a spritz of all-pure Nourish Linen Spray on sheets and pillowcases helps create a peaceful bedroom and lull you into relaxation. Crafted from all-natural botanical oils, this non-chemical spray features lavender, known for its calming, sleep-inducing properties. Carefully blended in small batches for purity and freshness. 100% organic ingredients, including: Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Cedarwood, Bergamot Other Ingredients: Pure Witch Hazel, Distilled Water Directions: Gently shake before each use. Spritz bedroom, linens, pillows, and pajamas to promote relaxation prior to sleep. Breathe in deeply for best results. Size: 4 oz glass bottle with atomizer

Nourish Natural Products - Linen Spray


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