A petal-powered beauty pick-me-up. Our exquisite Nourish Rose Water Toner & Facial Mist with Rose Quartz Crystals is a versatile beauty aid offering myriad skincare benefits, including: � Strengthens skin cells and regenerates skin � Tones and hydrates skin � Removes dirt & oil from clogged pores � Restores pH balance � Soothes acne, irritated skin, scars, and cuts � Reduces redness and blotchiness � Reduces likelihood of fine lines and wrinkles � Soothes scalp inflammation and dandruff � Enhances mood and emotional well-being � Promotes calm and sleep when used as a pillow spray 100% pure and organic, this treasure is a luxurious hydrosol expertly crafted from handpicked Bulgarian rose petals using gentle water-steam distillation. This beautiful mist also contains rose quartz crystals, thought to enhance circulation and cell turnover while clearing toxins and impurities. Gentle and suitable for all skin types. Ingredients: 100% organic rose hydrosol gently steam-distilled from hand-picked Bulgarian rose petals Directions: Toner: Wash face. Spritz cotton pad and wipe gently over face, neck, and chest. Follow with moisturizer or facial serum. Facial Mist: Spritz face to set makeup. Spritz throughout the day to refresh. Size: 4 oz glass bottle with atomizer

Nourish Natural Products - Rose Water Toner - 4 oz w/ Rose Quartz Crystals


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