The deep blue-green hue of amazonite helps connect you more deeply with your heart center, tuning into what you truly want out of life. Also helping to balance the throat chakra, this crystal can give you the confidence to step forward in a loving, peaceful way while standing in your truth. Alleviating old fears, wounds and traumas, amazonite provides the soothing stability you need to love yourself more deeply and create the life you dream of. The Self-Discovery Blend can help you turn inward, get clear on who you are and where you�re going, while giving you the courage to welcome what you desire into your life. Giving you the boost you need to move through old wounds and limiting beliefs, amazonite is an amazing crystal to use when creating abundant change in your world. This blend contains essential oils that we�ve combined to invoke a peaceful respite, including: � Bergamot � Lavender � Cedarwood � Lemon � Roman Chamomile The essential oils are carried in organic-fractionated coconut oil.

Nourish Natural Products - Self Discovery Blend with Amazonite Crystals


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